635nm, 808nm Laser Protective Goggles Laser Safety Glasses Ce Certified

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635nm red laser diodes are available with both single-mode and multi-mode beam profiles, and with either free space or fiber coupled outputs. These 635nm laser diode packages are ideal for OEM applications, and 635nm laser modules are available for either OEM or plug and play applications. 한손에 휴대할 수 있는 레이저포인터, 특히 수은전지나 aaa건전지, 리튬이온(16340, 18650)배터리 등을 사용하는 펜 타입, 플래시 타입의 레이저포인터에 관한 정보를 정리했다. Wählen Sie den besten Laserpointer, tragbare Laser von 405nm Wellenlänge, 450nm, 460nm, 515nm, 532nm, 635nm, 650nm, 808nm, 980nm. 635nm 650nm 808nm 980nm TTL Laserdiode Drive 5V Supply 50-300mA: LGGYU: Amazon.de: Gewerbe, Industrie & Wissenschaft VetLaser 3000 Greyhound Laser Therapy Unit The VetLaser 3000 is a portable, battery operated Class 3B laser therapy unit. The laser penetrates 5cm deep into muscle tissue providing rapid pain relief and healing. Laser Pointer: Laser pointers and handheld lasers, available in color of green(515nm-532nm), blue(445nm-473nm), red(635nm-650nm), blue violet(405nm) and invisible infrared(780nm-1064nm), with handheld design, are featured by convenient carrying and easy operation. US-Lasers, Inc. manufactures laser diodes, laser modules and laser products. Visible and infrared Laser Modules High and Low Power - 5mW, 10mW, 15mW, 30mW, 50mW, 200mW, for OEM's and R&D available in large and small quantities at the very lowest prices. Laserland is a supplier and manufacturer of laser diode modules, laser modules, laser diodes, laser pointer, laser safety glasses, laser goggles, laser protection eyewear, 405nm 450nm blue laser diode module, 532nm green laser, 520nm green diode laser module, dpss laser module, 635nm 650nm red laser diode module, ir 780nm 808nm 980nm laser.. Wavespectrum offer 635nm 30mw 100mw 120mw 150mw 300mw 0.5w 500mw 1W Laser Diode Dongguan Blueuniverse Laser Co., Ltd... 635nm 5mw laser module; Торговая Марка: LANJI; Происхождение: China... Упаковка: ESD Bag; Стандарт: 808nm 500mw TO56 Laser Diode; Торговая Марка: LANJI; Происхождение: China.

Защитные очки KLEENGUARD V30 - дымчатые, цена 400 руб.. 635nm, 808nm Laser Protective Goggles Laser Safety Glasses Ce Certified

.. и лазерной ручки на длине волны405nm,445nm,450nm,460nm,473nm, 532nm,589nm,635nm, 650nm, 808nm, 980nm, 1064nm... Laser Wavelength. · 现货供应905nm光纤耦合50W脉冲激光二极管; · 现货供应超小mini封装 InGaAs 光电探测器; · 新推出500-880nm 可见光PIN光电探测器 Vetrolaser 808nm/300mW Horse Wound Before And Eight Weeks After Using The Vetrolaser* Highest Quality, Longest Lasting Infrared Laser Diodes Made In The U.S. Wavespectrum offer 405nm,445nm,520nm,532nm,635nm,650nm,660nm,785nm,808nm,830nm,850nm,880nm,905nm,940nm,980nm,1064nm,1310nm,1550nm laser diode,fiber coupled diode.. LASER for OPTOGENETICS: Optogenetics is a scientific method, that enables control of targeted cell functions using light stimulation and genetically encoded light-sensitive proteins. 深圳市富喆科技有限公司成立于深圳市经济特区,地处广东省南部,珠江口东岸,与香港、东莞、惠州接壤,交通便利,经济.. 长春镭仕光电科技有限公司.. 地址:长春市卫星路星城国际a座17楼. 电话:0431-81917399. 传真:0431-81917322 30 июн 2016.... далеко не одна программа, я же пользуюсь «Miniature LAser Carver».... Что то типа такого 635nm 650nm 808nm 980nm Laser Diode.. 点击这里购买按照波长划分的高品质激光手电和激光笔,405nm,445nm,450nm,460nm,473nm, 532nm,589nm,635nm, 650nm, 808nm, 980nm, 1064nm. 2W 808nm Инфракрасный. 13900.00 руб... 500mW 635nm Красный- Оранжевый. 17000.00 руб... Jetlaser 2,5W 808nm Инфракрасный. 16900.00 руб. 激光,二极管,友嘉科技為半導體雷射之專業全製程廠商,製程範圍包含長晶(Epi-wafer)、晶粒製程(LD chips)至雷射二極體TO封裝(TO-packaged Laser Diodes),並提供國內外客戶專業雷射代工服務。友嘉科技股份有限公司-高品質雷射二極體製造者-雷射二極體晶圓,雷射二極體.. ミラー・レンズからファイバー部品・光計測器及び中古品まで、光響が厳選した高品質かつ安価な30,000点におよぶ光学製品を幅広く掲載しています 光産業に関する技術・製品情報をご提供. 有限会社ブロードバンド: このサイトでは各種製品のご紹介を始め、効率のよい製品の検索、時間の無い皆様に代わって 距離計測・3次元形状計測・位置決め・分析等各種計測原理に合わせた高性能レーザ光源ユニットです。 ≫ 808nm 850nm 980nm 100mw 1000mw. 635nm 638nm 50mw-500mw. This is a power driver for 635nm 638nm laser diode/module! 445nm 450nm 200mw-800mw. 650nm 660nm 50mW-500mw. Union Optronics Corp. manufacture semiconductor laser diode. UOC provide TO-18, TO-56, TO-5, COS, C mount package. UOC’s LD products include 635nm Laser Diode, 635nm 30mW LD, 650nm LD, 650nm 10mW LD, 660nm 100mW LD, 670nm LD, 808nm LD, 808nm 500mW LD, 808nm 4W Laser, 980nm , 980nm 100mW LD, 1310nm FP LD,1550nm FP , TO-can assembly service. If you would like to enable call-time pass-by-reference, you can set allow_call_time_pass_reference to true in your INI file in D:\www\web\wavespectrum-laser.com_frIR6MHRf0zdyin0rwb1\wwwroot\admin\include\function.php on line 46 长春镭仕光电科技有限公司(下辖子公司-长春飞秒科技有限公司)位于被誉为 レーザー機器、関連部品の輸出入、販売を通し、世界各国のハイテクからローテクまで優れた商品をリーズナブルな価格で.. SLOC manufactures a comprehensive line of DPSS lasers and laser systems for laboratory and OEM applications. Available wavelengths range from 355nm in the ultraviolet to 1444nm in the near infrared, with powers ranging from a few milliwatts to several watts, as shown in the chart below.

Защитные очки KLEENGUARD V30 - дымчатые, цена 400 руб..

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