ID IC 125Khz 13.56Mhz USB RFID Card Reader for Android Win Linux

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リーダライタ. 各周波数帯(13.56MHz,125kHz,UHF帯等)の各種リーダライタ製品、リーダライタ組込モジュール製品、ICチップから組込モジュールカスタム設計開発・製造まで幅広くリーダライタ製品を提供しています。 offers and develops ICs accessories, electronic modules and Arduino compatible Dev. Board for makers and DIY hobbyists, smart robots RPI day 2018 Lowest Price! 5th Anniversary Sale with 30% OFF! RFID Cards (Radio Frequency Identification Proximity Cards) include LF RFID cards(125Khz), HF RFID cards(13.56MHZ), and UHF RFID cards(860-960MHZ). Cititoarele de proximitate functioneaza doar impreuna cu un controler sau o centrala de control acces (nu au functie de control a sistemului de inchidere inclusa). Through ACR122u reader to copy IC card into M1 area of R3 smart ring 【Click to Buy 】 1、 Through the USB cable connect to computer 125KHz-RFID-Wandleser IP65, RFID-Wandleser EM-ID, 125KHz-wall-reader Wiegand RFID-Controller, RFID-Standallone Controller, 125KHz RFID-Outdoor-Zutrittssysteme, 125KHz iTech Automation is certified by the leading RFID technology companies and has successfully installed and supported RFID tracking systems since 2001. Hallo Zusammen, ich weiss nicht ob ich mit diesem Thema hier richtig bin ich möchte gerne mit dem Samsung Galaxy Note II den Heimtierchip auslesen.. edit CAN-BUS Shield V2.0. CAN-BUS is a common industrial bus because of its long travel distance, medium communication speed and high reliability. HID Class(No Required Device Driver) USB Keyboard Emulator USB HID Communication.

CAN-BUS Shield V2.0 - Seeed Wiki ID IC 125Khz 13.56Mhz USB RFID Card Reader for Android Win Linux

rfid读写模块是基于13.56mhz频率的系列读写卡模块,它采用超小型、超大规模集成电路封装,具有易用、可靠、多样和体积小等特点,可帮助您方便、快捷地将当今最流行的非接触式ic卡技术融入您的系统中,提高您的产品档次。 北京圆志科信电子科技有限公司成于2006年,多年来一直致力于非接触ic卡(满足iso14443 type a,iso14443 type b,iso15693),125khz id卡以及接触式ic卡(满足iso7816等国际标准)的射频读卡模块,id卡读卡模块,ic卡读写模块,ic卡读写器,id卡读卡器接口模块,发卡器等射频.. A Test Instrument for HF/LF RFID: This device can do almost anything involving almost any kind of low-(~125 kHz) or high-(~13.56 MHz) frequency RFID tag. 125Khz RFID ID Karten Leser USB RFID Reader + 5 PCS Schreibbar T5557 Karten + Kopierer Tool Kein Treiber Software für Zugangskontrolle von NORDSD PicClick Insights zum RFID reader module is based on a series of read and write 13.56MHz frequency card modules, it uses ultra-small, ultra-large scale integrated circuit package, with easy-to-use, reliable, diverse and characterized by small size, can help you quickly and easily to today's most popular non-contact IC card technology into your system and improve..

CAN-BUS Shield V2.0 - Seeed Wiki

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